I am passionate about the powers of holistic health practices and creating a nutrition plan based on each person's unique needs.

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner I work to get to the root of your symptoms by determining your specific imbalances and deficiencies, and then create a personalized plan to fit your nutritional and lifestyle needs and goals.

We are all wonderfully unique, and, unfortunately, there’s not one magic diet that works best for everyone.

I don’t just give you a generic meal plan or put you on the trendy diet of the month.I look at the whole picture of what makes you YOU and then put together a plan based on your unique needs.

In my practice, many of my clients tell me that they feel overwhelmed with all of the information out there and are not sure how to decipher what would work for them and then implement it into their busy schedules.

Others have experienced ailments for years that no doctor, medicine or procedure has been able to relieve.

And many suffer from fatigue, stubborn weight gain, constant cravings and chronic digestive issues.  

If you're struggling with your health, let me show you how good you can feel and actually enjoy the journey getting there!

Work with me one-on-one or join one of my semi-annual group classes focusing on cleansing the body using REAL FOOD and nutrition education. Read more about it HERE.


Our bodies never lie.  Cravings, pain, bloating and fatigue are all signs that there is an imbalance.   Nutritional Therapy is suitable for everyone, men and woman,  young and old, for those who would like to alleviate specific symptoms, as well as those who would just like to improve their overall health and sense of well being. Nutritional Therapy helps you to identify the foods that make you look and feel your best. Read more about Nutritional Therapy here.


  • Digestive Health

  • Blood Sugar Balancing (hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, diabetes)

  • Endocrine Health (adrenal & thyroid)

  • Weight Management


  • Food sensitivities- MRT LEAP

  • Adrenals and Cortisol

  • Parasites and bacteria

  • Candida

  • Gluten sensitivity

  • Micro-nutrient levels

  • Gut permeability


  • SCD

  • GAPS

  • Ketogenic

  • Low-carb

  • Dysbiosis and Candida

  • Low Phenol

  • Low Oxalate

  • Low Amine and Glutamate

  • Low Salycilate/Phenol

  • Paleo

  • Autoimmune Paleo

    In-person sessions also include a comprehensive functional evaluation for each individual client. I am trained in functional evaluation techniques and Neuro-lingual Testing allowing me to  determine the effectiveness of nutritional supplements and specific foods and create a nutritional therapy plan that is truly personalized.


Let's talk about what you are going through and design your perfect plan!


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