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"Working with Colleen has been a life changer! It was such a relief to finally find someone who understood how to help my body heal and feel better. I have learned so much from working with Colleen and the results are amazing. I have gone from having zero energy – going to bed or lying on the couch every day after work – to feeling normal again! My dog is so happy that I have the energy take her for walks!

I had been feeling bloated and just not myself, with stomach pains, gas, and intestinal upset on a daily basis.  By following Colleen’s plans and suggestions I have eliminated all those symptoms (and when I don’t follow it, I get a great reminder!). I have also dropped from 145 pounds to 115. Glad I kept some of those clothes that didn’t fit me for 5 years, because I am back to feeling and looking like me again!

Colleen is so well-informed and deeply interested in nutrition. She is always expanding her knowledge and incorporating complementary healing modalities as a nutritionist. It is wonderful to have someone so passionate about health focused on helping your wellness. She has been through her own health journey and she gets it, and she personalizes all of her plans to your individual situation and needs. It is great to work with someone who is so easy to talk to about sensitive body stuff. Colleen is comfortable with it all – and she makes you feel that way, too.

If you, too, have struggled with health and failed to improve with the Western medicine approach – or you just want a natural and healthy alternative to pharmaceutical solutions – I highly recommend consulting with Colleen Flynn as your Nutritional Therapy Practitioner." - Colleen M., Austin, TX

"I've been working with Colleen as my nutritionist for several months now, and the results have been amazing. I am a working mom with a full-time job, two preschool-aged kids, and no time for anything. ANYTHING. I could be talked into Chinese takeout pretty easily. But I was tired of feeling exhausted all the time, and I was tired of the extra post-baby weight I was carrying around.

Over the past year, I've lost 18 pounds, which is great. But even better, I've learned how to eat foods that make me perform at my best. I don't have time to feel exhausted; I have too much to do! And now, I can get stuff done with energy and amazing focus.

I thought that healthy eating would involve harvesting my own organic kale and lovingly singing to carrots in Sanskrit - stuff I just don't have time for. But I've learned that it can actually be really easy to eat - and feel - better. And that it's worth whatever time and effort it takes; I only have one body, and if I want it to perform the thousand tasks I give it every day, it needs some rocket fuel! And I'm forever grateful to Colleen for helping me figure out how to fuel up properly." - Andrea S., Austin, TX

"I started working with Colleen a few months ago as I started to train for my second marathon. 
As an avid runner,  mother of a small child, busy professional in the NYC advertising world and a lover of food/wine/beer- I needed some major help when it came to my nutrition. 

I was running on empty all the time and not fueling my body in a matter that allowed me to function optimally. 

I feel empowered by the guidance I have received from Colleen to make smart decisions every time I put something into or on my body.  My body is detoxed, clean, glowing and is starting to run as it was meant to.    

It is clear that Colleen is doing what she was meant to do, and not only do I work with Colleen for her deep knowledge as a nutritionist - I also find her energy and personal path very inspiring. 

Health is wealth for SURE."- Lauren F. Woodside, NY

My wife and I have been working with Colleen now for close to three months. What started as a literal gut check has turned into a new and more energized outlook on life and living for us and our family. For me it was a general sluggishness, problems with weight gain, and overall malaise brought me to my first consultation with Colleen. I had experienced issued with colitis in the past, and so knew my gut had been compromised and was not doing what it was supposed to. But I really had no idea where to start. Colleen was incredibly informative, always available, and able to create a program to get my system back on track. Her knowledge and passion are clear every time you talk to her, and are infectious enough to inspire you to make real changes in your nutritional habits. I would highly recommend Colleen to anyone looking bring their life and health back into focus through nutrition. It has worked wonders for me. Thank you! - Brent, Austin, TX

"I'm an active mom and avid cook who thought I was eating an incredibly healthy diet already, but my gut just wasn't in agreement. Colleen has a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience in creating and maintaining a wholesome and healing diet to support the body getting rebalanced and back on track. Her passion for nutrition is evident from the start and her approach to wellness is empowering. She is incredibly easy to talk to, highly motivating and supportive and understanding about the reality of life's circumstances. Working with Colleen has been one of the best decisions for my health that I have made. Thank you, Colleen!"- Kelly S., Austin, TX

"I have been working with Colleen for the past 5 months and it's been amazing. It's not just about weight loss but understanding what is best for my body and foods that trigger stress. I also have been suffering from back pain, and by identifying inflammatory foods my pain has decreased significantly. I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience with Colleen!"- Lauren G., Austin, TX

"I've participated in more nutrition programs than I care to remember and yours is the first I've actually seen be empowering. Thank you for the way you show up, the care you offer and the consciousness you bring. It is clear you've done the personal work and you show up beautifully able to create a safe and trusting space.

I am happy to recommend your program to others and will.
I'd love for you and your life's work to be highlighted in Austin and beyond because it's so rare to find something informative, empowering and encouraging." - Kate F., Austin, TX

"Holy moly did eating differently change me. I had no idea I was so bloated from eating all of those carbs and sugar. It's definitely a challenge to change the way you eat, but your body is important to your survival. I have learned a lot about different foods and how they affect me in both positive and negative ways. Besides not being bloated anymore, I also feel more energy, clear-headed, and less joint pain. I highly recommend this program for anyone who has thought of changing the way they eat, but doesn't have the self-discipline or time to research to do it themselves.I lost weight and my skin is clearer than ever. I think your mind will be blown on what food can do for your body and what it can do to hurt your body. This has been a life-changing process for me. Once again, a whole new level of eating for your optimal health and vitality. Colleen Flynn is the best. She has a no bullsh*t way of educating us."- Jenny D., Austin, TX

“Colleen is wonderful! She's compassionate, humble and very caring. She truly loves and believes in her life's calling. I don't live in Austin, TX where she resides. I live in Virginia Beach so we would Skype about once a week. 

Before I started working with her, I felt really tired, down on myself, unproductive and overweight. 

Colleen gave me the tools and the push I needed to chance my lifestyle. It's been almost 5 months since my initial consultation with her. Today I am much happier and healthier than I've been in a long time. 

Colleen, thank you again for all that you did for me.”  -Alejandra Q., Virginia Beach, VA

"Couldn't be happier. Colleen took the time to evaluate my habits and make almost an immediate positive impact. I had weight loss surgery and two supplements made a gigantic difference in my energy level. She's smart, friendly and truly cares about your well being. I highly recommend her."- Rico E., Austin, TX

"Colleen is awesome! She truly loves helping people find a healthy balance with food.  She looks at individual needs and helps accordingly. I highly recommend her NZ programs to friends and family!"- Kylie C., Austin, TX

I learned about Colleen's RESTART program and decided to give it a try. I figured, why not, I was trying to lose weight anyway and this couldn't hurt.

Well, what I got from the program was so much more than I thought going into it. First of all, Colleen facilitated a supportive 5-week journey for me and the other participants. We learned all about digestion, what sugar and fats do in your body, and were hand-held through a 3-week sugar detox.

Each week, Colleen sent educational materials, a food plan and even a shopping list, which was really helpful in preparing for the week ahead. Additional to the weekly video chat, Colleen made herself available to all participants via phone, email or text. We had a private group Facebook page where we could share experiences and recipes with one another.

So... What did I get out of RESTART? For a very nominal fee, here is my outcome:

1. I learned that by changing my diet in the way that Colleen suggested (very strict during the detox, but also limited consumption of certain foods in everyday life), that I am no longer bloated after a meal. I never feel over full, just satisfied.

2. I learned to eat mindfully and gain a better appreciation of each meal vs. just rapidly eating meals without regard for what is going into my body.

3. I have more energy and feel mentally happier, which is great for everyone in my family!

4. I found a new way of life that makes me feel great!

5. I lost about 8 pounds in the three week detox!

Who am I? I'm a late-30s mother of two (3 and 6 years old) with a 40-50 hour/week job. I feared that I wouldn't have time for preparing all of these different meals, but that did not end up being the case at all. Colleen provided a lot of options and resources to make this a breeze. My family even enjoyed a lot of the things I made.

I whole-heartedly recommend this program and Nutritional Zest to anyone looking to improve their life.- Jamie B., Arlington, VA

"I have been working with Colleen for the past 5 months and it's been amazing. It's not just about weight loss but understanding what is best for my body and foods that trigger stress. I also have been suffering from back pain, and by identifying inflammatory foods my pain has decreased significantly. I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience with Colleen!"- Lauren, Austin, TX

Prior to beginning Restart, I thought I was following a no/low sugar diet pretty well. I quickly found out that I had a lot to learn. Colleen adeptly led us through the program, explaining, answering questions, relating personal experience, and inspiring. I found out that foods that I hadn't regularly included as part of my daily diet (fats, eggs, meat), were encouraged in the Restart regime (yum!), while others that I thought to be good, and was eating too much of (fruit, cheese, yogurt), needed to be avoided in the detox, and very much reduced afterward. Colleen explained the why and we reaped the reward of a healthy body, feeling good, and loosing weight!

I actually took the course twice, and am glad that I did. The second time around, reinforced the things I learned the first time, and I continued to learn, as I had new questions that came about by simply being on the program for a period of time. Bottom line...I love the Restart plan and I love Colleen's tutelage and caring!
-Carol M, Florence, MA

RESTART was an awesome program. I was always interested in nutrition, which is the reason I signed up for the program in the first place. I learned so much about how our bodies process the food we eat. As a bonus for doing RESTART, I feel really, really great!- Gail L.