Our Health Through The Eyes of a Cat

You know what?  It can get pretty depressing learning about how sick our country has become as a result of what people are eating and the quality of our food.  So it's always such a treat when I hear about a study that is actually uplifting...or at least offers part of the solution to the massive health issues in the US right now.  One of these studies was covered recently during one of my school lectures- Francis Pottenger's cat study.

 Francis Pottenger's cat study was initially created to determine the correct dosage of adrenal glandular substances to give to humans to combat tuberculosis but wound up showing the transgenerational effect of diet on health.   The cats were divided into 5 groups with 2 being fed raw meat, raw milk and cod liver oil and the remaining 3 being fed cooked meat, cod liver oil and either pasteurized, evaporated or sweetened condensed milk. 

The cats bone structure, organs, behavior, reproduction and sexual activity were all affected by which diet they followed with the raw diet cats thriving in all aspects of their lives, and the cooked meat and processed milk cats severely suffering.  The results of this study showed how an inadequate diet containing processed foods can lead to degeneration for generations, with each generation showing more decline in health than the one proceeding it.

When you think about it, the results of this study are a perfect example of what is happening to humans in our modern day world.  We have strayed quite far from eating food in its natural, whole form, reaching for processed meats and packaged foods instead of the whole foods our great grandparents ate.

The effects this has had on our health is very apparent. We are plagued with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, ADD, asthma, allergies, food intolerance, thyroid disease...the list goes on and on. And the worst part is that children being born with a predisposition for these diseases and are exhibiting signs of them at a far younger age than ever before.  If four year olds have diabetes now, it's scary to image what the health of their children will be.   

But before feelings of hopelessness take over, here is the uplifting  result to Dr. Pottenger's cat study that I promised.  He found that by feeding a diet of raw foods (raw milk, meat and cod liver oil) to the cats that had suffered degeneration, the disease and abnormalities could be reversed.  Admittedly,  it took 4 generations but it proved that it is possible to reverse degeneration through diet alone. So what does this mean for us?

If we go back to the way we are meant to eat- whole, unprocessed, properly prepared, organic foods and teach our children how to eat this way so that they can teach their children and so on, we can combat so many of the modern day diseases.

 You may be wondering how to even start this process since we have veered so far off of the path of nutritional health. Start simple. Buy as many organic veggies and fruits  as possible and only organic poultry,  grass-fed meat, wild fish and eggs from organic, pasture raised hens.  Visit farmers markets and get to know the farmers and the processes they use to produce your food.  Eat as little processed foods as possible- preferably non.

Focus on getting a healthy gut by eliminating foods you are sensitive to and eating fermented foods and bone broth.  And most importantly, educate yourself and share that knowledge with younger generations. Today is the perfect day to start reversing the damage.