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Hi! I’m Colleen. I’m a Nutritional Therapist, holistic health advocate and real food lover who, just like you, knows what it’s like to feel tired, not like “yourself,” and stressed out over all of the health info out there. 

My passion for holistic nutrition grew from my own personal health journey.   

Fresh out of college I actually jumped right into Corporate America. I worked in a very demanding industry in Washington, DC and was on call all the time. I literally slept with my phone on the pillow next to me and was in GO-GO-GO mode 24-7. 

To say the least, self-care was last on my priority list. (Sound familiar?)

The constant state of stress, coupled with my history of eating disorders, only further complicated things.  When I did eat, my fuel was primarily coffee, chocolate and raw veggies. I avoided fat and meat because I was trying to be “healthy”.

Eventually…my body broke down.

I could barely make it through my day. I would wake up and peel myself out of the bed, motivated only by the fact that once I got through my work day I could crawl right back in. I called it “living in survival mode”. And even though I was beyond exhausted, I couldn’t sleep through the night because my mind wouldn’t shut off, aka “tired but wired”.

Digestion was also a nightmare and I was constantly bloated—my stomach would pop out so much after a meal that I couldn’t fit into my clothes. And, even though I was barely eating, I started gaining weight. A LOT of it. My thyroid began failing, and I developed a goiter and hypothyroidism, and was an anxious, mental wreck in a constant brain fog. 

In short: I know what it’s like to feel miserable and broken. 

The solution to my problems? 

I had already gone back to school for nutrition and with the years of education I received, plus my personal experiences, I developed the Nutritional Zest way that has yielded amazing results with the countless individuals I’ve seen.

  • Finding foods that worked for MY body. 
  • Healing the gut, digestion, metabolism, hormones & correcting nutrient imbalances
  • Moving and exercising in a way that served me- and that is fun!
  • Stress management techniques
  • Supportive supplementation
  • Learning how to eat intuitively & make peace with food
  • Clinical Lab Testing, as needed (Food Sensitivity/Allergy, Parasite, Hormone, GI Health)

By following these guidelines, my health issues improved significantly. 

I overcame the debilitating fatigue.

I balanced out my hormones.

I lost my excess weight and stopped yo-yo dieting.

I never get bloated anymore, unless I choose to eat the foods that don't serve me.

And I have developed a healthy relationship with food and my body. Hallelujah!!!

Let's get you there too!

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  • Nutritional Therapy Association
  • Nutrition Therapy Institute
  • BioIndividual Nutrition Institute- focus on nutrition science and therapeutic diet application
  • Restorative Wellness Solutions- focus on functional lab testing and results interpretation